Saturday, March 22, 2014

Still in Puerto Galera

Andy: “Smell my ear”
Me:  “huh?”
Andy:  “Smell my ear.  Does it smell like dead shrimp?”
Me:  sniff, sniff.  Switch sides…sniff, sniff.  “nope, you’re good.”
The romance is come and go on Savannah…
(In full disclosure, I have to say, he has had dead shrimp in his ear before and they do smell horrific)

He had just come up from one of the nastiest bottom cleaning jobs in a while.   Savannah’s paint is crap.  I would love to hear from any other aluminum boat owners as to what they put on their hulls and how well it works.  We’ve painted our bottom three times in the past four years….it’s getting ridiculous and expensive.

Anyway, he was cleaning it because we were getting ready to leave Puerto Galera and we had enough crap on the bottom to slow us down a couple of knots.  Then it started to rain, and the wind began to blow…hard.  So we decided to wait.  Today we got up and were about to leave and it continued to rain, and the wind continued to blow…hard.  It’s probably fine weather to leave in (I’m convinced Puerto Galera has it’s own weather system here and as soon as we get out of this bay it will be totally different) but it’s a pretty busy shipping channel out there and we don’t exactly know where we’re going…so we decided to wait.  Judging by the forecast, it will be a few more days before we get out of here.  We’re all stocked up, ready for a two or three week sabbatical from any kind of town.  Let’s hope we’re still stocked up when the weather breaks.

In the meantime, we’ll just sit here and stare at each other a little longer, reminding ourselves how cool it is to be on a boat, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with each other, all the time….

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