Monday, March 24, 2014

Finally left...underway

We left Puerto Galera yesterday and had a beautifully perfect day. It was a down wind run with 20-25 knots of wind the whole way. There was a point that it got up past 30 knots, but I swear if I hadn't have been told that, I would have had no idea. We had nothing but the jib out and were making a consistent 8 knots. At one point, we caught a mahi mahi and as we were pulling it in, Andy asked me the speed....we were surfing down a wave at 11.5 knots. Again, I would have never guessed. At that point (after we got the fish in) we decided to pull in the jib a little bit as 11 knots was never our most comfortable speed! I had read about this corner and it's high winds and waves...we were just lucky they were all from behind. We anchored among a bunch of fishing boats and had a very fresh and tasty sushi dinner and a good night's sleep.

Well, we're not so lucky today. We still have 20-25 knots but they're on our nose and beam now. Savannah is bucking like an angry bronco. We thought it was just the fetch from a bay we were passing, but we're past it now and there's no sign of it getting any more comfortable. We were supposed to have fish tacos for lunch today, but homemade tortillas and fried anything just ain't gonna happen. More ham sandwiches for my understanding crew... The good news was for Jake when I cut our school day a bit short. It's never pleasant when the teacher is threatening to barf on the desk.

We have about 27 miles to our destination - North Pandan Island. They're supposed to have a few moorings for yachts and a dive shop that goes out to Apo Reef, Andy's next stop on his diving tour of the Phlippines. Hopefully it's somewhat sheltered and we have another nice relaxing night. Only 6 more hours to go...

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