Thursday, February 20, 2014

Moving Right Along

We continue to make our way northwest towards Puerto Galera. It's been a fascinating tour so far. Our original plans were to head west across the Visyas towards Dumaguete. We read a lot about this little college town and it sounded like a place we would like. Not to mention, it had lots of hikes and tours in the surrounding towns and a pretty good anchorage just a few hours south.

Another destination on our list was Puerto Galera. We quickly realized that if we were going to go to Puerto Galera and then head south to the Palawan Islands, Dumaguete might not be the best choice. Winds are coming out of the north (sort of) and we were going to have to pay the man sooner or later and head straight into them. If we paid the man now, we would have less time against the wind…so we changed our plans. We turned north into territory we have little information about. Thank goodness for the Lonely Planet guide.

Since making that decision, we have seen some really neat little towns and some very diverse areas. We've seen entire villages of corrugated metal lining the beach, medium sized towns with tasty restaurants, and what we thought was an isolated beach but ended up being inhabited by two families living in caves.

Andy has swam with the thresher sharks, we've witnessed the horrible practice of dynamite fishing and we've gotten to give a little back in the way of kids clothes, books and toys to one community hit by the typhoon.

We're still 150 miles away from Puerto Galera and traveling only in the daytime. This place is littered with fish traps marked by nothing more than a coconut leaf, fishing boats (without lights) and who knows what else. Traveling at night just doesn't seem worth the time we would make up.

Tomorrow we make our way towards a little island known for it's flora and fauna….said to be the "Galapagos" of the Philippines….we'll see.

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