Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Half way there!

Today is my 40th birthday. Instead of diamond or pearls, my husband gave me an exotic live aboard cruise, complete with deep sea fishing out here in the Pacific Ocean. Wasn't he sweet?

All kidding aside, we are having a fantastic passage to the Philippines. After checking out of Palau, we headed out to light and variable winds, which caused us to motor for the first day and a half. Now we have 15-20 knots on our beam and we are scooting right along, averaging about 7 knots (my perfect speed). I think we're going to actually have to slow down in order to arrive in day light.

I would like to thank Dr. What's his name in Norfolk . What he lacked in bedside manner was more than made up for with his generous prescription of sea sick medicine. I've been hanging in there with the best of them and even enjoying myself a bit. Jake thinks he was born for the sea and keeps telling me he's "back where I belong…on the open ocean. Isn't this wonderful, mommy?" Andy is wishing for a longer passage…

So there you have it. Moral is up, the autopilot is working great, and we just caught a huge mahi mahi…looks like my birthday dinner is going to be sushi!

By the way, who won the Super Bowl?

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Mac Mckaskle said...

Thank You Monica, another wonderful commentary. You guys are definitely rising a seafaring man. Good luck for him!

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