Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More fun in La Cruz

Making a puffer fish in the sand
In between boat projects, the crew here on Savannah has been managing to have some fun!  After two or three months of playing with mommy and daddy, Jake has finally found some other boat kids to hang out with.  One little girl in particular has become his new best friend.  Her name is Pari.  He got to play with Pari all day yesterday and he woke up this morning to tell Andy and I that he doesn't want to leave here...ever.  At least not until Pari does.  She even likes Star Wars!

Feeding their dinosaurs by the pool.
We went through the boat the other day and gathered all of the excess stuff that just takes up space and took it to the Swap meet yesterday.  A boat swap meet is kind of like a yard sale on land.  Everyone brings their junk and lays it out and hopes someone else will think it's a treasure.  We did pretty good...utilizing the same philosophy we always had with our yard sales (make it dirt cheap, the point is to get rid of it, not make $$), we found a good home for everything.  Nothing came back on the boat and we made $200 in the process.

Jake pulling Bosun in the dock cart.  I'm not sure who was entertaining who here.

After the swap meet we took the kids and went to the beach.  While the kids played we said good bye again to our good friends on Ulalena (over a few margaritas) as they're heading south to explore more of Mexico's mainland.  We're hoping we're still here when they pass back through in a few months to return to the sea.  We also said hello to our friends on Ceilydh as they have just arrived from LaPaz.  They'll be doing the puddle jump at the same time as us when we cross over to the South Pacific.  And finally, we spent time with new friends from Katrina Liana and Safety Cat, hoping to get to know each other even better.  As you can tell, we're really enjoying La Cruz.  It's the first place where we're not itching to move on.  There are lots of young people, it's close to a big city (Puerto Vallarta), yet it still has the small town charm we've grown accustomed to.

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Ikaika said...

So glad you all are making so many friends on the trip. The swap meet sounds great too! Isaac has been to a few Volkswagen swap meets, but he always ends up with more junk and comes home with his junk too!
We love reading about your adventures:) Kai likes to see the pictures of what Jake is up to.

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