Sunday, January 9, 2011

1/7/2011 - Back on the hook

Going back in the water with a fresh coat of bottom paint.

Well, we’re back in the water and I have to say, overall, we are very pleased.  We were hauled out, hydro-blasted, prepped and painted and back in the water in 2 ½ days (give or take a few hours).  The folks at La Cruz Shipyard were extremely professional, pleasant to work with and thorough in their work.  While I still think it was slightly overpriced, the more quotes we got and the more people we talk to, I think it’s just the way of life down here.  Economy goes bad or there’s an excessive amount of gringo’s around, prices get raised.  My only complaint is that on our way out of the travel lift basin, our starboard bow got hung in the sling (it wasn’t lowered enough) and caused our stern to push into the concrete.  There was a worker right there with his foot on our boat looking like he was going to fended us off, but for whatever reason watched us hit it instead.  To be fair, I should have been fending us off as well so the gash we have on the starboard side is my fault, but he was RIGHT THERE….I’m just saying.

Look on the bottom white part and you can barely see the gash with my name on it (at least that's what I keep telling Andy).
We’re back in the anchorage now.  I’m typing and reading, trying not to take my seasick pills.  Seriously, this is a rolly anchorage.  I think the marina made me soft.  Jake has settled back in with his toys and of course, his STAR WARS movies.  Andy is making rounds of the boat trying to decide what to get rid of (hopefully) in the upcoming swap meet on Sunday.  Life back to normal in our freshly painted boat.

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Diane, Evan and Maia said...

you just need to hang out in the $1 marg place. There's free wifi here. And a beach for the kids to play on. Just saying...

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