Friday, January 28, 2011

Flag Etiquette

Apparently, you guys really like potlucks...  I think only about 5% of the folks out there really like me without my "filter" on so I'll take if off sparingly.  You'll find this post very polite.

One of my many administrative tasks this week is to figure out which courtesy flags we need before leaving Mexico.  Flag Etiquette is something Andy is pretty keen on (reasonably so after spending 21 years in the Navy), so I wanted to make sure I got it right.  We see a lot of boats around here who seem to do their own thing and it drives Andy nuts.  While looking up the various different flags I also found a pretty good article about etiquette and thought I would share it here for any other boaters who might be confused.  Flag Etiquette

Proper way to display home country flag and courtesy flag.  Canadian Flag on back (home country)
After looking through the list, I think we'll need about nine different flags.  There's a few I'm not sure about, but Andy wants to get them just in case.

Here in the PuertoVallarta area there is a lady, Sunseeker Annie, who makes courtesy flags and sells them to cruisers.  While I like to support local people, at first I thought she was extremely expensive.  But after looking around on the internet, Sunseeker Annie is pretty cheap.  Who knew those little bitty flags could be so expensive?  A lot of people choose to make their own.  For me, I would have to buy all of the fabric as I don't have any on board and then there's the grommets and reinforcement needed (we're pretty hard on flags) and then the actual act of sewing.  We all know how long it took me to sew those silly screens, right?  I think this is one of those areas where I'll just put in my order and let someone else do the work.

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