Saturday, January 15, 2011

1/13/2011 - More kid fun

To continue on the kid theme… Jake has been having a blast with the other kid boats here.   Yesterday we had 5 kids over and all of their parents and I didn’t take one picture.  Nope, not one picture.  A lego bomb went on in the main salon while we grilled lunch outside and tried our best to avoid going inside.  We ended the day by all hopping in the dinghy and going to Tacos on the Street (still no pictures).  This is a little joint up in town that has $1 tacos and a fantastic flan (I hate flan but this one is really good).  $20 bucks later (how do we do that? Seriously, they were only a dollar and it was BYOB!) we headed home and an exhausted Jake fell right to sleep.

Today, while Jake and I attempted to catch up on his school work, Andy went to shore to go to Home Depot and ran into an old friend from the summer, Dan on s/v Dazzler.  When they got back, Dan came over and we took the dinghy in to eat pizza at this place on the beach right out from our boat.  The restaurant did some advertising the other day by bringing free pizza to all of the boats in the anchorage and a 30% off coupon.  So we thought we would give it a try. 

The place is gorgeous.  There is a beach there where Jake was going to play while we did the grown up chat thing, but since they had so few guests, the guy told us he could swim in their pool.  So Jake did a little resort crashing of his own (we didn’t bring out suits).  After some time, our friends from s/v Andiamo showed up with their kids and another party was  underway.

Las Palmas Resort & Spa in La Cruz
Christian, Jake and Abigail munching on fries between dips in the pool.
"watching the kids"

Tonight is movie night at the marina but we’re going to pass.   Too much fun for this old couple.  We’re going to curl up with some popcorn and legos and watch Horton Hears a Who.  

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Nicole said...

That place looks gorgeous! Wish we were there! We miss you all.

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