Tuesday, October 5, 2010

9/30/2010 - Crossing Over

We left Bahia de Los Angeles on Monday, making our way across the sea.  About 200 yards out from our destination, our starboard engine croaked.  After some tinkering, Andy determined our fuel pump was burned out.  We decided to head back to BLA since we were still within a day’s trip.  Better to get the parts when you can rather than hope for the best later on.  The next morning we went into town and luckily found the part.  Andy replaced it and we pulled anchor to try again.
Scott on Ulalena saying bye...for the second time.

About an hour out, the port engine died.  This has happened before so Andy thought he knew what the deal was.  Our starboard engine has a booster pump for the fuel, but our port engine is gravity fed.  Sometimes if the day tank gets low, not enough fuel gets to the engine.  Andy transfers fuel and it usually cranks right up.  This was no exception…she cranked right up.

We spent two nights at Isla Partida and now we’re heading across to Isla Tiburon.  It’s the largest island in the Sea of Cortez (and all of Mexico).  Guess what happened on the way?  The port engine died again.  Andy changed the fuel filter and so far, we’re back in business (not much wood for me to knock on in this aluminum boat).

It’s a nice day even if there’s not much wind.  It’s all par for the course.  There’s always something to fix or do on the boat no matter where you are.  When we get to San Carlos though, you can bet fuel pumps are the first thing on our list to buy.

One of the many small fisherman shrines we find as we explore the islands.

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