Tuesday, September 28, 2010

9/25/2010 - Crafts on the beach

Jake and I got to participate in a really cool activity today on the beach.  We got to dye some fabric!  There is a lady who cruises who has made her living dying fabric and she generously offered to show all of us cruisers how to do it.  Because it is how she makes her living, I’m going to leave out the details on the process, but we had a great time getting our hands dirty and socializing with everyone else.  We spent about 30 minutes actually dying the fabric and about 2 hours watching it dry!  Lukily Jake and the other kids had the water to help occupy their time.

One of the popular things for cruisers to do is revive some of their old clothes.  We haven’t been sailing long enough to have “old” clothes that needed dying so we decided to dye some fabric I had left over from making our curtains.  I think it turned out nice (even if Andy does think it resembles camoflauge).

For anyone who knows me personally and knows that I am not crafty, you will be shocked at my latest hobby.   Beading.  And I’m actually kind of good at it.  There are several ladies who have been doing this for years and they taught me how when we were in Santa Rosalia.  When I went home I bought some more supplies and have been going to town.  For now, this passes my time between reading books and homeschooling Jake.  Here are some of the bracelets I’ve made.  I’m starting on something new now…a tiny little bag.  It’s hard enough to get a decent vegetable around here so you can imagine how hard it is to find beads.  I’m not sure if this hobby will last longer than my supplies…we’ll see.


Nicole said...

Wow! Good job, those really are good.

Becky Cichonowicz said...

Awesome, Monica! I bead, too so if you want some supplies, let me know what you want and I'll be happy to send some to you. Love reading your blog and living vicariously thru y'all. Todd is ready to join you at any moment! I'd love to do what you guys are doing, too but I get so seasick, I don't picture it happening. Lately, we've been talking about buying a small cabin out in the middle of nowhere and living off the land--just to escape the stress of "modern living."

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