Sunday, October 31, 2010

10/30/2010 - Puerto Escondido

We made it back safe and sound.  The only thing noticeably different with the boat was the large amount of bird poop that had to be cleaned off!  We cleaned up the boat, went to the store, and were on our way to get Jake’s last ice cream here at Puerto Escondido when we saw a boat with two little girls on the bow pulling in.  After much debate between the two of us (Is that s/v One?  No, I think it’s Endurance!  No, that’s not Endurance.  Yes it is, etc.), we finally pulled the dinghy alongside to our friends from Endurance (I was right by the way).  After they got settled in we invited them for dinner where Jake, Trini and Sammy played and watched movies for hours.  So we’ve decided to delay our departure a few days and spend some time exploring the area more.
It turns out to be a great decision.  We’re doing things we didn’t get to do the first time we were here.   First on the list is discovering another swimming pool!  We spent the afternoon/evening up the street at the Tripui Restaurant/Hotel.

Today we’re all renting a car and going into Loreto.  In the morning we’re going to go to the market which is supposed to be a very good open air market with all kinds of vegetables, fruits and other goods.  Monday we’ll check out and go to a nearby cove with Endurance and probably say good bye from there.  This has been so much fun as we haven’t seen these guys since they left San Diego a year ago and the kids are getting a long great!


Papa Mac said...

What good luck for all of you, good photo of the three monkeys.. Have fun and be safe. love yall

S/V Endurance said...

I am so sorry you probably got stuck in Puerto Escondido, all because of us..hehe. We have really enjoyed spending time with you guys. I knew we would since we met in San Diego! Are you sure you don't want to come to San Carlos with us?

The Crew of Savannah said...

We love spending time with you guys! You could come to Maztelan with us and be our tour guide (and translator)!

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