Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10/4/2010 - Slummin' it in San Carlos

As promised, we cleaned the boat and did laundry today.  Andy braved the mile and a half walk to the grocery store while Jake and I scoped out the area waiting for our sheets to dry.  We've decided to have a contest... how many resorts/hotels can we crash in one year?  We found hotel #2.  It has a huge pool with a nice bar and no one around to care whether or not we partake.  For once being the gringo has it's benefits.  We look like the tourists we're trying to be.  Jake had a blast diving down looking for his animals and trying to stop the fountains with his face (weird, I know - but it was funny to watch.).  They even had a small playground.  Andy and I kept looking at the view wondering how much it was supposed to be costing us to enjoy this.

Tomorrow we'll do more laundry and if Jake gets his way, we'll play tourist again.


deamac2 said...

Man what a deal !! Looks like fun to me, keep them coming, Love you guys..

Hose said...


We've got some things in common, and my wife and I would maybe like to ask a couple of questions. We're Navy, she's just retired as a Navy Nurse, I'm due to retire in '13. I'm stationed at USNA now, and we're going to the annapolis boat show tomorrow! We've got 3 boys. A teen who'll graduate in '13, and 2 younger boys that I think flank Jake in age at 4 and 6. We also spent 10 years in San Diego (I flew S-3's out of NASNI). Anyhow, I'll retire, the oldest will graduate, and we'd like to set sail on a multi year gig in 2013. Always good to talk to someone who's broken that ground. We'd love to hear from you (

Paul and Kellie (and Ian, Ben and Sam)

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