Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Wonder Wash

Andy told me at Christmas that he had this fabulous gift picked out for me but that it was backordered.  Well, I was skeptical...who buys their wife a manual washing machine for christmas?

I got curious, looked it up and bought myself one last week.  I really think this thing is amazing! Not only does it actually get your clothes clean (I did the sniff test of the most delicate of laundry), but it's easy!  Jake can do it  (and likes it) :).

So you put your clothes in.  I'm a stuff all you can in kind of girl, so I would say , it's a 1/4 of a regular load.  Then you put in your water... I filled it about half way full of water.  Then put a tiny bit of soap.  Put the top on and twirl!   And twirl, and twirl, and twirl (approx 2 minutes).   Drain, Fill with fresh water, repeat twirl for thirty seconds or so...wring, hang to dry..done!

I was a skeptic, but this is pretty darn cool.  Saves water, saves soap, and my 4 year old likes to do it!


Seven C's said...

We were given one of these some time ago. We have not used it yet, but also hear that they work great!
Thanks for the input on it!

The Crew of Savannah said...

Thanks for the comment. I checked out your website. It sounds like you all are an adventurous bunch! Good luck!

deamac said...

that's cool

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