Thursday, March 4, 2010

More updates

More progress on Savannah... We finally got the little bitty part needed for our grill, so we're back in business there.  Although I will say, I managed to cook a pretty tasty steak on the stove/in the oven last week.

I've started a few sewing projects.  I shocked Andy so much, he took a picture.  I'm not very good, but as long as I'm sewing something that's made up of a few hems and straight lines, I can get it done.
Andy's air compressor came in yesterday.  He spent the afternoon loving, caressing and showing it off to our neighbor Scott.  Definitely a man thing... I scuba dive and all, but it seems like an ugly necessity, not a new accessory to display in the main salon (which is where he would put it if I let him).
The beloved compressor.

Our neighbors across the dock - Scott & Terri.  They were inviting Jake to go to a potluck with them, but he respectfully declined and chose to have pork chops with mom and dad.

There will be a day when I quit mentioning that I'm unemployed, but today is not that day.  I almost had an anxiety attack walking back from the shower the other day.  Normally, when I'm on my way back, I'm thinking of who I need to call, what meeting I need to prepare for, etc.  Monday, I had nothing on my mind.  That's when I panicked.  I had to actually stop, sit and calm myself down.  I'll have to find something else to identify myself with now.  Which led me to another thought.  I can't even imagine how Andy is coping with this.  Over the course of his life, he's been in the Navy longer than he's been out. Talk about identifying yourself by a job!

Now that I'm home, I find myself wanting to write more, but I'm not sure who is reading this and what you all are interested in hearing about.  So this is where we go interactive.  Post your comments about what you would like to read most (and sign up as a "Follower" while you're at it) by play accounts of what we're doing, boat projects, my intellectual pondering (not likely), preparation for leaving, what it's like to liveaboard/dock life....  for those that know me, I'm never at a loss for words, I just want to post words you want to read.

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