Monday, March 8, 2010

Cleaning tip - useful on land or on a boat

Jake and Andy at their best.  As you can see, I'm running out of interesting pictures.  This was taken last week on what is becoming a daily happy hour on the dock.  Soon enough these will be replaced with pictures of our various destinations and adventures, hopefully taken by my award winning professional photographer husband and all those new lenses he just bought (he promises that at least one of them will make me look good).  Until then, please bear with me and my happy snaps.

So I asked for interaction and I got...nothing.  As I always say, if you don't give your opinions, you can't complain.  Like when a group of people are going to lunch and you ask, "where would you like to go?"  And everyone says, "I don't care, you pick."  So you pick, and then you hear grumbles and groans.  I don't think those people have a right to grumble.  Since no one responded to my plea for what subjects interest you guys, I've decided I'm going to write about whatever I want.

Tonight, I was inspired by the head/toilet.  It's filthy.  I had to do a little research before I first cleaned the toilet to find out what kind of cleaner everyone used on their boats.  You can't use normal cleaners because you have to worry about various different parts corroding or getting eaten away by the chemicals.  I thought about chancing it and using some of the latest "green" products until I came across a suggestion that was just simple enough for me to try.  And it worked great.  So here goes....  Get yourself one of those squirt bottles you always think about buying but never know what you would use it for (unless you live in the south and don't have a pool, then you use it to squirt yourself in July and August).  Fill it with one part regular 'ole vinegar and one part hydrogen peroxide.  Then to help with the vinegar smell you can put any kind of smell good oil you like (I use lemon).  Shake and spray.  I got a toilet that hadn't been cleaned in literally over six months, sparkling clean with very little work.  Technically, my mother and four year old got it clean, but that's not the point.  I use this on my counters too.  Works great.

Side note: Andy is halfway to Atlanta with a budget rental truck full of our stuff and Jake and I will meet him there on Tuesday, so I won't be updating over the next week or so.  Maybe I'll have some more brilliant tips or sidesplitting stories for you when I get back...I know everyone will be holding thier breath...

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