Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everyone makes sacrifices

As you've probably figured out by now, it's very important to limit the amount of things we bring onto the boat.  Not only is there limited space, but weight is an issue as well.  None of which I am ever allowed to forget, thanks to my conscientious husband.  Which is why what I'm about to describe makes me laugh and feel compelled to share.

Let me give a little background.  Andy is an underwater photographer.  It's not his hobby, it's his job (at least until the 31st).  And he's very good at it, even according to some folks who are not related.  And he's been doing it a very long time.  Google his name and see for yourself.

More background...one of our first stops will be Isla Guadelupe, Mexico.  It's a very small island with two dormant volcanos and a population of about 15.  When the fishermen and their families arrive, population rises to about 90.  The main thing it's known for is it's great white shark population, presumably the reason Andy chose it as our first stop.  So a few months ago, he asks me if he can get a shark cage.  I rolled my eyes and said no.  He said please.  I said no.  He said pretty please.  I walked away.  I came back and gave a very long, passionate, drawn out speech of how he cannot go and get eaten on our first stop as I have to have at least a few months of experience under my belt before I can sail the kid back home by myself.  Oh yeah, and I love him and don't want to live without him.  He responded with a very logical "that's why I want a cage." Blah, blah, blah....the answer is no.

About three weeks later, we're sitting in front of the boob tube watching American Idol or something equally mindless and a commercial comes on.  He turns to me with something to say...the conversation goes kind of like this:

"Did you know that you can't actually buy a shark cage?"
"Really.  No one sells them.  You have to actually custom make them yourself."


"I looked it up"
"Are you serious?"
"Yeah.  I know how to weld...not very well, but I know people."

I gain composure and realize it's not a joke.  The tone and volume escalates slightly.

"Where exactly would this cage go?  You complain every time I bring a new pair of flip flops on board!"
"You can make them collapsable."
"That sounds stupid."

more blah, blah and lots of explaining.

"Really? 'Why?'"
"Yes, why?"

Tone and volume becomes lower and very serious.

"I don't ever say no.  Really, I don't.  Look where I'm living.  I just quit my job.  I never say no.  I'm saying no."
"Ask me in a year or so when I know how to sail better"

Do you know what's really sad about that exchange?  He looked so disappointed that I actually felt guilty and had to justify it to myself over and over.

Then I went and bought a new pair of flip flops.


Mom4Two said...

ROFL!!! That has to be the most original exchange I've ever heard between a married couple! Stand firm, Monica!

Red Charlotte said...

My goodness! What an honest post. That would FREAK me out!

deamac said...

You konw that I don't get between the two of you if I can keep any control over myself, BUT, good for you Monica.He can use one of those remote control things for the photos that don't bleed and can't sail the boat anyway.

Jeffrey said...

You go inside the cage? Cage go in the water, you go in the water. Shark's in the water. Our shark!

boatbaby said...

You know even though I only met you guys once, I can still totally hear him saying this and see the look of "please" on his face. Maybe a cahin mail wet suit might be a good compromise?

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