Monday, May 28, 2012

Where's your tan?

This is not the most inspired blog in the wolrld, but I’m trying to keep it somewhat relative….hang in there with me.

One of the most popular comments I’ve gotten since arriving in the states is, “I thought you would be darker.”  And they’re right…We’re extremely white for people who live on a boat.  Since it is such a popular subject, I thought I would explain.

Reason #1:  It’s dangerous to have a tan….but you know that.  I come from a long line of white folks and unfortunately, Jake got my skin as well so we lather up every chance we get.  But that’s not the real reason we have no tan, I just felt obligated to put that in here.

Reason #2:  If you’ve been reading the blog for any length of time, you’ll know it rains where we are now.  And rains.  And rains. And rains.  Not real conducive for lying around in a bikini.

Reason #3:  This one will surprise you… the places we have been traveling for the last 7 months are extremely conservative.  Women are to wear skirts below their knees (or at least to the knees) and cover their shoulders.  They even swim in this uniform.  To hang out in my bathing suit and prance around in my short shorts would just be insulting to the locals.  We try to fit in as much as possible and respecting their conservatism is key.  This doesn’t affect Andy too much (although he can’t run around with his shirt off as much as he used to), you’ll find he’s always darker than me…it’s in his genes.

So there you have it…why we don’t have a tan.  It’s not all palm trees, bikinis and margaritas.  Sometimes it’s rainy while wearing too many clothes and drinking hot beer.

More pictures of our travels for the family...

Jake, learning how to shoot an air pistol with his daddy and papa.

Andy, his father and Grand dad

The three stooges

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Kenny Lee said...

Welcome back Monica! This is Kenny from the bank. I still think about your family's adventures regularly. ;)

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