Sunday, May 6, 2012

Smelling good in Pohnpei

What are we looking forward to the most?  Air conditioning.  It's hot here.  Not just hot....stinking hot.  And I mean that in the most literal way.  Jake was scratching his neck the other day and black stuff just fell off....dirt.  Hot, sweaty, little boy, disgusting dirt.  I was about to scold him when I had an itch on my back and realized I was even dirtier.  I'll explain briefly that the trade winds have died and what's left is nill.  No one is sailing anywhere.  Poots linger in the air longer than you can fathom.  On a boat with two boy/men...that's no small statement.

I come from Atlanta.  It's hot.  It's sticky.  It's hot.  Here in's hotter.  It's stickier.  It's a lot hotter.  The only saving grace is that it rains 47 times a day so we have enough water to shower multiple times a day.  And it's needed....boy is it needed.

We have actually thrown our pillows out.  Our heads were so dirty that the stink on the pillows was so gross we couldn't stand it another night.  We were sleeping on our old outdoor pillows until we finally found some new ones in the ACE hardware here (by the way...Ace Hardware in the tropics is like a Walmart....they have everything).  The jury is still out on what sinks worse...our heads or the spots where the drool lays.

I have some words that would explain better how hot we are and I have some detailed descriptions that would put the actual stinch under your nose.  But I've been informed that there are children and God loving people following this blog so I feel obliged to refrain (although it would have made this post a hell of a lot funnier).  But don't underestimate how much we stink because it's so stinkin' hot here.  Did I mention our fan died??

So...what are we looking forward to the most?  Air conditioning, stand up showers, washing machines.  We'll smell good, our clothes will smell good, and if all goes well, no one else will know how foul we've actually lived for the past few months.  Our only dilema now is how to get from the boat to the airport without sweating 2 gallons each and having to change clothes....


Nick Lacaria said...

Monica and family, love your blog. Next time you guys have internet access and are not using sailmail, can you change the settings in blogger so that rss feed work? I only get a link in them now, and it would be easier to get the entire post. If not, no worries, i wont stop reading! I am former Navy myself, i was in Coronado.

Anonymous said...

I thought you always believed that there was no place hotter than the baja? Glad to hear you made it back to home base with family. Have fun, Mr. Scott, Ms. Teri & Bosun.

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