Sunday, May 20, 2012

Getting acclimated...

Jamie and Jake acting silly

Coming to Oklahoma first was a good way to transition from a tiny island in Micronesia to the big ole USA.  We’re staying in a small town in southwestern Oklahoma and in some aspects, it’s not all that different than what we’re used to.  The electricity has gone out, the phone lines have gone down and we wake up to pig squeals in the morning (not because we’re on a farm but because Aunt Shannon has a pet pig)…and I’ve learned by the way that all that squealing we hear in the islands are not necessarily because they’re being slaughtered, they’re just moody animals.  We had to drive down to Texas to get my drivers license replaced (the one thing I forgot to bring with me) and found out the DMV wasn’t in that particular city any more.  So we had to drive another 45 miles to find a place to get it done.  That’s a very typical experience in the islands and I’m happy to say we went through the whole thing with a lot of patience.

The things that are very different in that we have to get used to is the astronomical leaps in technology that have occurred since we left and the overuse of this technology by everyone under 50.  There is more texting and facebooking and communicating going on in one day than we have done in 6 months.  Conversations are intermittent between texts.  The TV is hooked up to the internet so you can buy movies from your lounge chair.  There is an app for EVERYTHING.  There is even an app for keeping track of your menstrual cycle….are they serious?  My kid, who I thought was already addicted to the iPad, cannot get away from the games.  Every kid we’ve hung out with is proficient on the iPad, iTouch, and iPhone.  I’ve already downloaded 3 new games (I know, that’s my own fault).  I’ve learned all of this by being out here in the middle of nowhere.  I cannot imagine what I will learn when I get to Georgia and Virginia and hang out with all of my technical friends.  It’s all really quite overwhelming.
In between all of this technology though, we’ve managed to have a really good time (and spend a fair amount of time outside in this beautiful weather).  Jake has been able to get to know the whole family and has really cut the ties.  We went a good three days without even seeing him.  We’re off to the city for some good old fashioned grown up fun with Andy’s sister and her husband so I’m going to close with some pictures from our past few weeks….  Enjoy.

Jake got a chance to change his first flat tire.

Tightening up the screws.

Granddad has lots of tractors on his farm.

And a unique tire swing...

...and an apricot orchard where Andy had to climb
the trees...

...and LOTS of cows.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, a very good transition! I cannot imagine what culture shock the little one will have from Cali?? Looks like the "man" is getting into character?! Whatever, no wonder you two have such a good looking son!

Can't wait for my turn to see you!

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