Sunday, February 12, 2012

The value of $1

I hadn't intended on updating the blog so quickly but we had a conversation with Jake last night that I really wanted to share. We had put his tooth in the tooth fairy pillow I made him out of an old pair of shorts and were just about to put it under his bed when he asked if he had to give it away. The conversation went like this.

"Do I have to give my tooth to the tooth fairy?"
"Well, not if you don't want any money."
"hmmm...I need to think about it."
"Her house is probably big enough with all of the other little kids teeth" (I should point out here that someone has told him the tooth fairy makes houses out of all the teeth. This is news to me. Since I can't disprove it, I just go along with it."
"Yeah, probably. You don't have to put it under your pillow tonight...just think about it."
"OK. I don't need the money. I like my tooth. I think I just want to keep it."
"What are you going to do with it?"
"I don't know. Just keep it."

And so sits the tooth in his little box where he keeps his shark teeth that Zada gave him last year. You really can't blame him. $1 isn't worth much on an atoll in the middle of nowhere with no store and nothing to buy. He might change his mind the next time he sees a Walmart, but in the meantime, I think we just started a new collection and the tooth fairy might have to deal with one less "brick" for her house.

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Diane, Evan and Maia said...

awe... Lovely.

Anonymous said...

That's it Jake, I would keep it to. I am a saver also. If you give everything away in your life where do you keep the memories. The smallest of things are the most important. lov ya, Mr. Scott.

The Merriman Family said...

Jake is not alone, Kai just wrote a letter to the tooth fairy asking for his teeth back. He said he rather keep them too. Sooo funny...I didn't think twice about putting my teeth under my pillow when I was little. These boys are pretty smart though. Safe travels.

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