Friday, February 17, 2012

Back in civilization

I know I sound like a broken record after our passages lately and this is no different...what a crappy ride!  We bashed for two and a half days into the waves, straight into the wind 25-30 knot winds, against a 2-3 knot current.  We rode 3.5 knots for 180 miles.  Jake actually lost his breakfast on this trip.  Oh, this is not the time of year to be sailing around the Marshalls.  They say it's lovely in the summer time...

We're back in Ebeye to stock up.  We had hoped to be back on the base, but we're still trying to work that out.  So, in the meantime, here we are...  Not much to tell, so I'll just post the pictures from Bikini...enjoy!

One of the islands in Bikini Atoll was covered in birds.
Lots of little chicks hatching.

This is where the cameras were filming the nuclear tests.

Jake, doing some exploring.

Sally Lightfoots EVERYWHERE.

Jake, taking a break...his dogs were barking!

Taken from my little happysnap, but maybe you can get an idea of all the birds.

Jake's latest pose with the driftwood.

Jake, taking yet another break, hiding from the rain under the pandanas tree.

Missing tooth!

Finally, the elusive glass ball.

Not bad for one day's catch...4 glass balls, 7 lobsters!


Papa Mac said...

Wow what big balls you have. You most likly have already said where and when these come from, if so I missed it. Are they still being used, or are they from like WW11 times, and what is your thinking on why would they use glass and not something that might not break so.
The photos are great as always, you guys are looking good, and Jake looks realy good. Saw Andy's pic on google, man, that's quite a deal. It's the talk of the town, two towns at least. Love you guys MORE bye..

Random Things and Our Family Life said...

Following your adventure from California! :)

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