Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jake lost another tooth!

News on the home front...Jake lost his third tooth while eating his pizza today! It's one of the top front teeth, so he's soon to look like a beaver!

Since we're writing about Jake I thought I would give a little update on his school progress. I know the family is wondering so the rest who don't care...tune in next week. School is going good. We finished his first grade phonics book, but I don't think that means he's finished first grade reading. He still needs some work so we're practicing on all of his fun books he has...he reads a page, I read a page, and so on. We're only about 2 weeks away from finishing his Math book as well. That will get him through basic addition and subtraction, then we move on to double digits. He's really good at math so I don't mind moving ahead with that part. Handwriting...well, not his best subject, but it's readable. His absolute favorite thing is History. We're studying the Ancient times and he wants to read a chapter everyday. They come with maps related to the lesson and he LOVES working on the maps. Our table has a map on it too so we can compare the two and see what things were called back then as compared to now (i.e. Persia vs. Iran). I, too am learning a GREAT DEAL...history never was my thing. When we first started, we got through about 10 chapters and realized neither one of us remembered we went back and built us a rather extravagant timeline and now it's part of our lessons every few weeks to review and add to the timeline. Other less fun subjects include language and spelling. We do have a science book we use - focusing on anatomy right now - but most of his science comes from every day stuff like observing squids hanging in the shade of the boat to identifying the various cowries/seashells we find on the beach. He got a microscope for Christmas so he's been up close and personal with everything from his boogers to his toenails.

As for socializing with kids and human related activities...well, they've been less than normal lately, but he doesn't seem to care. He's taking in the Bikini history and socializing just fine with the six guys here. Family activities are at an all time high.

Updates on the job front soon...

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The Homesteader's Wife said...

Hi Monica, as usual, love your blog and love hearing what the McKaskle gang is up to! I have a question for you on homeschooling. Jeremy is not doing well in the traditional high school setting and in fact, will be going to summer school and repeating the 9th grade since he is failing this year. Which homeschool curriculum do you use with Jake and what grade does it go up to? Each school year is getting worse for my boy and I want to look into homeschooling as a possible option. Say hi to Andy for us!


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