Friday, July 29, 2011

Swallowed in Suwarrow

The title has way more than one meaning, but the first and foremost news is that Jake lost his first tooth!!! And we think he swallowed it. We knew it was loose and have been watching it for days, but we came home from the potluck tonight and I noticed a nice hole where his tooth used to be. He's so excited but a bit worried about the tooth fairy being upset that he has no tooth for her. So we wrote her a note and I assured him that she would be fine with that.

As for Andy and I, we have swallowed more fish and more food here than anywhere else we've been. We've met some great friends, shared more than a few stories and are not really eager to leave. As a matter of fact, we're thinking maybe our anchor is going to get stuck in the bommies in the next few days and possibly go over our two week limit.

Tomorrow, Jake is going to play with Ms. Ruthie again on Rutea while Andy and I go diving with a few others. We've been snorkeling, walked to the bird island where five different species of birds nest, and Andy has even been on one of the lobster hunts James has hosted here on the island. Tonight was our second potluck, beginning with a volleyball game and ending with very full bellies. We had a great poker game the other night onboard s/v Downtime and another planned for Saturday for the newbies that just pulled in. They don't know that it's really just a donate to Pete night (owner of Downtime), but we'll let them find out for themselves.

Apologies for the sparse updates, either our radio is on the fritz or I can't seem to catch the satellites at the right time, but I've had an extremely difficult time getting anything out of here...I'll try to do better but no promises.

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