Monday, July 18, 2011

Still sailing

This has to be one of the most monotonous passages I've ever been on. Wave after wave, it seems like it just keeps droning on. Even the squalls are getting boring. The worst part about it as that we can't really get a good idea of when we're going to get there. We've got the main back up with the head sail out and were making decent way yesterday only for the winds to die back down last night. The navigation equipment keeps popping up with "2.5 days" to arrival, then it goes back to "3.8" days and anywhere in between as our speed shifts just as drastically. To make matters worse, I can't seem to get into my normal rhythm and am totally exhausted. All I want to do is sleep. Not one normally to complain (at least on paper), I am over it.

I have managed to start Jake back up on his school after our "Tahiti break" (what? you don't get one of those?), but it's bare bones - Math, Reading, Writing. Today is day 4 and I'm hoping it is just a matter of getting re-acclimated.

I broke up my naps yesterday by trying to make some Irish Soda Bread. It wasn't the best bread I've cranked out but hot out of the oven, it was pretty good. I was shocked in that Jake didn't like it but Andy did. It's usually just the opposite. Andy's more of a Wonderbread kind of guy and usually only likes my Naan bread and tortillas. The food is suffering because I can't seem to wake up long enough to make anything decent. We did have pizza the other day but that was by far the highlight of my culinary skills this week.

Our leak is holding steady with about 2 gallons every 6 hours or so. Andy has a routine of checking it and vacuuming it out every once in a while. Not much discussion around it, so no updates as to what we're going to do about it.

My 5:00 watch just started so I'm going to go get some quality iPad time in before the two dudes wake up. I'm sure you've figured out this is new and we're all excited. But we're very limited in what we can do as we don't have the internet out here and I didn't have time to find but the most basic of games in Bora Bora and didn't get to crack the code on books. I have one movie that I was downloading for Jake but it never finished. So Jake plays battleship. He and Andy play checkers and some demolition game they're addicted to and I play solitaire. I downloaded some match game for Jake that turned out to be too hard for him so I'm practicing on that as well :). I finished a biography on Anne Morrow Lindbergh and am starting another book now that someone loaned me before we left Bora Bora.

323 miles to go...should be able to finish that book...

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