Friday, July 8, 2011

Blond in Bora Bora

So, if anyone was wondering if I’m a natural blond, the answer is yes.  And tonight (and last night), I proved it.   For all of those 4th grade classes out there reading…beware, I think this might be a PG-13 post based on suggestive content and mild language.  My apologies ahead of time, but Andy thinks it’s  too funny not to tell.

The entrance to Bloody Mary's.  The boards to the right and
the left have the names of all the famous people that have
eaten there.  Evidently, it's very hard to get your name on the board!
We are moored on a free mooring ball off of the restaurant Bloody Mary’s.  The only requirement is that you go in and a have a beer or two.   And so we did.  Last night we sat at the bar with a few other cruisers while Jake played monster trucks in the sandy floor.  A few times he had to go to the bathroom so I took him to the loo to the left of the bar.  After the first trip, the guys asked me if I saw the pull string.  Well, I had read about this pull string so I went back in and saw that in order to wash your hands you had to pull a little ring and a waterfall would start trickling through some rocks and it made for a very unique sink.  There was a bit more talk at the bar, but I ignored it and thought the whole thing kind of cool but not so memorable.

Tonight we went for dinner.  And a fabulous dinner it was. Tuna, Moon fish and shashimi…fantastic.  As soon as we sat down, of course, Sir Jake needed to visit his throne.  Naturally, I took him.  As I was waiting for him outside the stall, I noticed a giant wooden penis hanging from the ceiling over what appeared to be a foot washer (it is a sand bar after all).  I thought it odd but fascinating and when Jake was done we went back to the table so I could tell Andy… “I understand now why they asked me last night about the pull string…there’s a giant penis over the foot washer or shower or whatever it is.”  A long silence followed, along with a sly smile and a look I know well…it sort of says, ‘you dumb ass.’ 

“What?,”  I said.
“For real?”
“Yes, for real…what?”
“That’s a urinal, Monica. “
I still didn’t get it. 
“It’s a men’s restroom.”
“But I’ve been in there three times.”
“And you just now saw the giant penis?”
hmmm…..  I can see where this looks like I wasn’t paying attention.
“Where’s the women’s bathroom?”
“On the other side of the bar.”
“Are you sure?”
Lots of laughing at this point… “Yes, I’m sure”
“Oh…well I’m gonna go check it out”
“You do that.”

What can I say… nothing really…I had no idea…but the giant penis is a nice touch I guess…the men seem to like it…after all, they kept asking me about it.  But I was highly disappointed with the women's bathroom...nothing special in there to keep us talking at all.
Lesson learned...Read the signs over the bathroom door, ALWAYS.

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