Sunday, December 5, 2010

Visiting the Crocodiles

Crocodile warming up in the sun.
We've done a good bit more exploring and are really enjoying this small town.  Yesterday we took a panga tour through the estuary to see the crocodiles.  It was quite a long tour for a very reasonable price.  There's not really an equivalent in the US that I can think of.  There would be too many safety rules!  We saw all kinds of wildlife on the boat ride and once at the end of the estuary, we were let off to see the crocodile reserve where they're trying to breed more crocodiles.  We were able to see several male crocodiles trying to attract the females for mating.  That was quite interesting.  The slowly circle the females (and I do mean slow).  Then they slap the water with their jaws a couple of times and go under the water making all sorts of bubbles...kind of looked like a hot tub.  As funny as it was to watch, I have to say it didn't appear very productive.  Crocodiles definitely have the slowest mating dance I've ever seen.  We learned another thing about crocodiles I didn't know...they sit around with their mouths open all day and I asked the guide why they do that.  He said since they're cold blooded animals, they need to warm up and that's how they do it.  Evidently, the heat is absorbed quicker through the mouth.  Cool, huh?

They had other animals from the area too. The biggest surprise to me was the jaguar.  I had no idea they were wild around here.  We saw some deer and some pig like animal as well.
Iguanas sunning in the trees
Piggy sniffing at Andy's camera through the fence.

Fishermen out early on the estuary.
The keep Talapia at the reserve as well.
Some new friends of ours, Josh and Emily, went with us on the tour.

Another San Blas delight is the smoked fish.  Right around the area where you catch the panga tour is a street lined with restaurants smoking fish on their outdoor grills.  It's impossible to go by and not get something to eat.  Andy and I shared a plate of smoked mullet.  Yep.  Mullet.  We ate it.  We've been making fun of mullet the whole time we've been in the sea.  It was right up there with carp on my list of fish I would never be hungry enough to eat.  But I'll tell you, this fish was delicious.  They filleted it open and then put butter, garlic, and some sort of tomato mayonaise on top.  I think we'll go back in a few days and try the dorado.
Fish stands in front of the local market.  They sell anything from Talapia to Shark...whatever is fresh that day.

We're just going to be lazy today.  Jake has walked a marathon this week and he says his legs need to rest. :)


Nicole said...

OMG!! Those things are scary. Seriously, I would have had a heart attack being that close to them. You didn't get a picture of the Jaguar?
I can't wait to find out what I'll be learning next week! You're the best teacher ever! Lol.

Ikaika said...

What awesome adventures you guys are having! I love reading your blog and seeing all the pictures. We wish you save travels and Happy Holidays!

The Crew of Savannah said...

Thank you guys for the comments! We had a really good time on that trip.
Nicole, school has been slow this week... we're working on a letter to Santa for our handwriting exercise. Maybe you can write one and I can check it for you! LOL :)

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