Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12/7/2010 - Boat Work

Andy, with the very tedious task of taping off the parts not to be painted.

We’ve been carrying around 4 gallons of deck paint for seven months now.  San Blas Marina seemed to be the perfect place to get started on this little project.  Andy’s spent the last 3 days sanding, washing, painting the front of the boat with new non skid.  He finished it yesterday, pulling the tape off this morning and stringing the nets back up this afternoon.  I think it looks like a new boat (well, ½ a new boat).  I think he’s a little disappointed being the perfectionist he is, but no one but him will see the flaws. When we get to La Cruz, we, oops I me he, will start on the back of the boat.  
After - shiny white.

After - new nonskid


Nicole said...

That looks awesome! Seriously, the boat looks new... Excellent job Andy. And, Monica, your pictures are excellent as well ;-) Ummm, Jake, good job on everything else. Lol.

Papa Mac said...

Jake's the man, ya'll done good!!

puddytat said...

Hey! great Blog! Andy, David says he must have a serious talk with you. How can you show him up like that with such a great new deck job? :-D
Be sure he'll be picking your brains... The boat's looking marvelous.
Sylvie and David on Puddytat.

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