Saturday, December 25, 2010

12/23/2010 - Not much going on here

We’ve spent the last few days piddling around doing nothing and doing everything.  It’s been a few days where you feel like you’re getting nothing done and just going through the motions.

We took Jake to the beach one day.  There’s a local beach within walking distance so we took the sand toys and blankets and spent the morning playing.  Andy and Jake built the finest sand castle I’ve seen since we started this gig.

Hard at work with a 5 gallon bucket and lots of sand.
Looks like something out of Harry Potter??
Andy’s spent a lot of time cleaning the boat, organizing and attempting to downsize.  I’ve made numerous trips to the laundry and grocery stores and started on the inventory of our “stuff” (to prepare for provisioning later).  I finished Christmas shopping and now need to wrap everything.  I have attempted to start jogging again, but no one’s holding their breath yet.
Jake has been playing…and playing…and playing.  He picked out some stuffed animals to donate to some local children’s hospital here and he’s spent some time making presents for some of the cruisers (well, just one..lucky Ms. Teri).
Last night the marina put on movie night for the cruisers.  They played Santa Claus on the big screen outdoors.  They sold coffee, hot chocolate, popcorn, the works!  It was a really nice night.  It looks like they’re going to be doing this every week.  They’re really going out of their way here to appeal to the cruisers.  In addition to the movie night, they’re going to start a potluck every weekend, cooking classes, and they’re even trying to get some of the cruising seminars here (in addition to Puerto Vallarta) so we won’t have to hop the bus every time we want to hear one.  The staff has been great…I wish we had the money to stay here the whole time we’re in La Cruz!

Enjoying $1 margaritas at a local restaurant on the beach.
Tomorrow morning starts the pie making (Andy can’t live without his pecan pie) and cooking making (for Santa of course) so I’m off to get some rest!

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Diane, Evan and Maia said...

Happy Christmas guys. We really enjoy that marina too. We'll be springing for it at the end--it makes it so much easier to provision when you're on the dock...
Glad you found the beach. We spent many an afternoon down there with gaggles of kids...

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