Saturday, January 23, 2010


Now that we've made it through the storms here in Southern California (living on a boat has it's advantages during storm flash floods, trees falling, or mudslides), Andy and I are ready to get serious on the preparations for leaving.  It can be quite overwhelming.  For those of you who may not be aware of what it takes, I thought I would share some of the list with you.

First there are the "projects."  You've already heard about the galley remodel (still underway).  We also need to redo our cabin, but I'm afraid we may not get to that.  At a minimum, we're going to extend our bed and get a new mattress.  The length is not a big deal for me since I'm a little vertically challenged, but Andy is having a hard time with it.  I am excited about the new mattress though!

We bought a modem the other day that's supposed to hook up to our Single Side Band Radio and enable us to get email, weatherfaxes, etc.  We have to install that and get it all working.  Initial indications are that this may take some time (evidently our radio is "fickle").

We just ordered the netting to go around our lifelines to keep kid and toys on board so that will need to be put up.

Andy ordered a new compressor for filling our scuba tanks and powering the new air tools he got for Christmas.  Evidently, it gets it's own box that needs to be installed on the deck.

Small, yet still important, is the need to make and install a metal ring in our cockpit to hang a shower curtain, since we won't be getting around to putting the shower in doors (yep, you heard me right).  While neither of us is obese or over the hill yet, I still think our cruising neighbors will appreciate a little modesty.

Install two new batteries and put in a new battery bank.

Fix the NEW Wind/Speed/Direction indicator (with a very fancy name I can't recall right now) at the top of the mast to work all of the time, instead of only when it wants to.

Install hand rails along the stairs on both hulls so we'll quit falling and Jake will have something else to hang from.

Go through hidey holes and clean out everything we don't need.

In addition to the little and not so little projects that we have less than 3 months to complete, there are numerous, tedious, administrative activities we have to do.  In no particular order:

1) Complete all checkups, shots, teeth cleanings, hair cuts, etc.  In my case, spend the next two months at the dentist trying to salvage all the work done when I had my jaw surgery.  Yes, I brush my teeth, but evidently 18 screws and metal plates in your mouth are hard on your bones.
2) Go through our first aid kit and fatten it up for long term travel.
3) Quit job or in Andy's case, finish all the crap he has to do for Uncle Sam to let me have him.
4) Set up mail forwarding service and get mail forwarded.
5) Plan and throw Retirement/Going Away party (this isn't really essential to us leaving, but I think the old guy deserves a party for 21 years in the service).
6) Establish residency in homeschool friendly state (I cannot wait to be one of the Californians that flock to Texas).  This one still has some unknowns for me.
7) Drive Truck to Oklahoma (special delivery) and Sell Car to Carmax (or highest bidder).  Must obtain car title from bank in VA before we can head on up to Carmax (we've procrastinated on this one for over a year).
8) Attempt to visit everyone in GA (you may only get to see me...we're soon to be poor, but I'm trying).
9) Make up provisioning list (i.e. grocery list) for 3 months worth of meals (For all of you that actually know me, this will involve a detailed menu with items sorted by category and whether or not they have to be refrigerated.  Then I'll have to make a map of where it's all stored for fear of losing it in one of our hidey holes) and then actually go buy the stuff and store it.  I'm sure I'll go into detail on this when it actually happens.
10) Last minute purchases....Jake is totally outgrowing his clothes, my flip flops are falling apart and Andy's shorts all have holes in them or fiberglass stains.
11) Schedule move for what little things we kept in storage to go to GA.

I'm sure there's more but my dentist told me I need to quit stressing for fear my TMJ/TMD will get worse :).  So by writing it down, I'm attempting to rid my little brain of keeping track and worrying about it.  I guess I could make a project plan.....

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