Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

We came into 2010 off of Point Loma, at the mouth of San Diego Bay. We had hoped to watch the fireworks in the bay, but evidently a group of environmentalists weren't sure the fish could handle the cardboard remnants or something like that. Despite the lack of fireworks, we had a fantastic evening with our closest friend Eric and his wife Nicole. The weather was absolutely perfect (if you have to be below 80 degrees) and we couldn't have asked for a better night. In fact, after calling both of our families to wish them a Happy New Year, we found out that the beautiful moon we were looking at was in fact a Blue Moon! (According to my scientific research (i.e. google), it only happens every 2-3 years...lucky us, it was on new year's eve this year).
Well, my witty bone is exhausted so I'm going to leave everyone with a few pictures and a Happy New Year wish.


deamac said...

Again, how cool. Thank you so much for the updates. The senior chief is fortunat to be captain of the flag ship Savannah, the Admirl (Monica) being on boad, that would be a working admirl, and with a good crew (Jake). Good winds and God speed. papa mac

The Crew of Savannah said...

Thank you! I hope he's reading this as he's laying on the sofa watching tv in his condo in key west!

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