Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Chief goes out of town

So The Chief left for Key West this morning to hang out in his condo (hollywood style) while waiting to shoot his last military assignment, underwater footage of navy seals doing their thing for a hollywood movie (I'm that Man, should be coming out in the summer). My intent was to write a sarcastic little diddy about how he's left me with no refrigerator and a construction site (I actually have to fill up the cooler every two days or so with ice to keep the milk cold for Jake's cereal) while freezing with my little ceramic heater.

But plans have changed. It's sunny and in the low 70's here every day and from what I hear, The Chief is wishing he took a coat. The winds are blowing hard in Key West and who knows if they'll accomplish what they need to (it usually takes at least twice as long as they plan). Once they do get started, he has to stay on a submarine and could be in Timbuktu for all he knows. So, no, I won't get on my soap box tonight. I'm just going to enjoy having the bed all to myself and be thankful that at least he hooked up the stove before he left.

But while I'm waiting for him to come home, I'll fill you in on the progress of the galley remodel.  As you can see, he's ripped out what used to be our refrigerator, freezer and stove and started over from scratch.  He's actually made more progress than what this picture shows.  He's doubled the space and installed a brand new stove/oven.  When he's finished, we'll also have new countertops.  While doing this though, we've managed to lose a bit of storage space for our pots and pans.  I'm waiting on The Chief's imagination to manifest itself into one of his creative solutions that I've come to rely on so heavily.

We're almost at the end of month 1 on the remodel.  It only took two months to totally gut my kitchen in Virginia and rebuild from scratch, so the project manager in me is starting to kick in.  He's gotten a little bit of slack due to his broken foot, but as you can plainly read at the beginning of this story, he has been given a good bill of health allowing him to traipse off to Key West to dive on a submarine.  No more excuses Chief.

I'll keep you posted.

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