Monday, November 2, 2009

One step closer....

We're finally done. We've moved out of our house and onto the boat...for good. The idea seems simple but the task itself was very complicated. It started with me getting vertigo about a week and a half ago. Not so good on land, even worse on a boat. Then, in the last week of packing, moving furniture to storage, loads and loads to the boat, piles of trash to the dump...Andy breaks his foot at work after shooting a special for National Geographic. I have a whole new respect for both single parents and men in general. I have to say that I prefer "woman's work." If I never have to move furniture again, load a truck, or drive a truck, I'll be ok with that.

The boat is an absolute mess though. We haven't even begun to find a place for everything. The head is temporary home to my scuba tanks while the navigation station is currently a garage for Jake's favorite garbage truck.

But we're living on the boat!!! We've been waiting for this for 10 years and it's finally here. While stressful, it was very liberating finally getting rid of all that "stuff" that we just had to have. The last 12 years of our life together was sold for less than $5000. But the freedom to just get up and leave at any time is priceless.


Red Charlotte said...

Congratulations! I can't even imagine how stressful that must have been (and with vertigo and a broken foot to boot!) Wow! I also know the feeling of seeing all your "stuff" be sold off for far, far less than you would have ever imaginend, and then how liberating the whole thing can be. Welcome aboard!

deamac said...

well how cool is that, looks really good! Looking forward to the galley remake. keep up the good work. Love papa mac

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