Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Main Salon - Before and After

As promised, I'm putting some before and after pictures out here of the main salon. We bought this boat from an older gentleman who had sailed around the world twice in her. She had/has every spare part you can imagine as well as very solid electronics and navigational equipment. But she didn't have much in the way of style. Hopefully, we've changed that. You be the judge.



We (i.e. The Chief) ripped out all of the insides (including the heater) and added more seating and storage.  He added a new radio and cool little shelves.  We had new cushions made, refinished the table, and installed wood floors.  Since this picture, we've managed to improve on the windows and I, yes me, sewed some curtains.

This past weekend, with one foot, he managed to start and near completion on remodeling Jake's cabin.  I'm so lucky, a man with skills and ambition!  I was laid up in our cabin after Lasik Surgery (I said I was going to find a way to get taken care of) milking it for all I could.

I'm taking The Chief to get his cast off tomorrow and have really high hopes for this holiday weekend... installation of a new stove?  expansion of the refrigerator?  I'll keep you posted.

Update:  Cast off, another cast on...the foot is still broke :(  3 more weeks.  I'm not giving up on the new fridge though...


Red Charlotte said...

Ooh I'm so impressed with the change. Who did you have do your new cushions? I've been thinking of re-doing ours myself but I'm daunted by the task to say the least.

The Crew of Savannah said...

Thanks! Quality's their website:
Very high class place, competitive prices and OUTSTANDING results. I was very pleased.

boatbaby said...

Love the table! You need to post little tutorials when you tackle cool projects like that!

The Crew of Savannah said...

Good idea! only I didn't do it :) When I can get Andy to sit down long enough to write something down...

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