Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My introduction to "Blue" jobs

The Chief informed me last week that our zincs needed to be replaced...right away. Well, if anyone missed it, his foot is broke. Diving down under the boat is not on his agenda for at least another 4 weeks. Guess who he enlisted to do it? Me. I was both flattered and flabberghasted. I don't do ship's husbandry...I organize, clean, shop, cook. You know, the girl stuff, what they call "pink" jobs in the cruising world. But I am an equal opportunity kind of girl (and have read all the cruising books saying I need to learn "blue" jobs as well) so I agreed.

It turned out to be quite fun. The water was freezing and I did have an audience (apparently most of our dock wasn't quite sure I was up for it and had to see for themselves), however once I got down there and could see that indeed it wasn't rocket science, I actually enjoyed it. Usually when I dive, it's to look at fish or reefs or things along that nature and it's in 80 degree water in the Carribean. Diving in murky, cold water and actually accomplishing a task was something I had never done before.

Since I did so good on the first task, my "honey do" list has expanded to scrubbing the boat and cleaning the solar panels, ripping out the headliner in Jake's cabin, going to Home Depot to buy wood to replace the headliner, and then, get this...use the saw to cut the wood :). All while keeping my day job, taking care of the kid, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. Am I whining? Not intentionally. But I am gaining a healthy respect for all the things The Chief does that I take for granted. Now, when he's well, I think I'll fall down or something and return the favor ;)


Red Charlotte said...

Wow, you are BRAVE! Maybe once I know how to dive I'll consider it. You go girl.

The Crew of Savannah said...

Thanks. I think I've found a new calling!

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