Saturday, December 22, 2012

Final Picture update - Lamotrek and Woleai

I finally finished uploading the pictures from the outer islands.  Now we can focus on Yap :).

Click on the links for updates (or you can just scroll down)
Going Native
Culture, Culture and more Culture
Turtles and Taro
On to Woleai
Wolei and Beyond

For all of you geographically challenged people who still don't know where Micronesia is, I've updated our map at the right of our page as well.   You can move it around with your mouse, or click on the larger view at the bottom to see exactly where these islands were.

I've been seeing everyone put their Christmas pictures up on facebook, so I decided to add ours here since we're so close to Christmas.  We spent a day making ornaments and putting up all of our decorations.  It's not Macy's Window quality, but we like it.  There aren't too many pictures as well, we only have a small space to decorate....sorry.

Making tiny reindeers out of closepins, pipe cleaner candy canes,
and paper snowflakes.  If you're not impressed, you should be.
I don't do crafts very well.

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