Thursday, April 12, 2012

Diving in Kosrae

Our first Leaf fish

Despite the rain today, we’ve had a lot of fun.  We took a dive boat out on the reef and did a two tank dive with the Nautilus Resort.  It turned out to be quite the trip as we were the only people on the boat!  The coral here is absolutely beautiful – kind of hard to even capture in pictures – and it’s everywhere.  The fish are not huge but there are lots of them and we even saw a few things we’ve never seen before (our first leaf fish!).  We don’t splurge on this too often because it is quite pricey to go out with a charter service and when you have your own gear and even a compressor, it’s hard to make the case for it.  But we decided to go ahead and do it as our engine on our dinghy isn’t the strongest and we didn’t want to miss out on this great spot.  The icing on the cake was that they would pick us up (no lugging our crap across town) AND Jake could sit in the boat with the driver while we dove (free babysitter!).  Enjoy the pics…

The clown fish were a lot bigger here than anywhere we had seen.

These are clown fish eggs...just like Nemo!

Peacock Anenome Shrimp

Same leaf fish, different angle

Clown fish guarding their eggs

I was having a bad hair day.

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