Thursday, April 19, 2012

4/14/2012 - Leaving Kosrae

Our friends Sarah and Craig swam out to the
boat and brought us two huge mangrove crabs.

It’s been two weeks and I guess we’re ready to leave…maybe.  This is on my list of top places we’ve visited and we’ve met a lot of people here…it’s kind of hard to leave.  But we know from experience, it’s best to leave while you’re still having fun. 

Ken, Emily and Sammy
We’ve met a lot of Americans (and a few Aussies).  We didn’t make any special efforts, it just seemed to happen that way.  The newest of our new friends is the local dentist.  It was that time for us…to get our teeth cleaned…and we heard there was an American dentist here.  So we went to the hospital, paid our $5 each (yes, I said $5), and got our teeth cleaned.  It turns out Ken (the dentist), is really into sailing as well.  So we invited him to see the boat (incidentally, our boat has stayed pretty darn clean here as we seem to have an enormous amount of visitors!).  He brought his two kids with him this morning and while Ken and Andy discussed boats, Jake had some additional, much needed, play time with other kids.

But as I said, it’s time to move on.  We’re heading to Pohnpei in the morning.  It’s 350 miles give or take so we should be there late this week.  The winds have been pretty variable lately but the forecast calls for them to pick up just a bit, so hopefully it holds out for us.  For any of our new friends reading this…thank you for making our stay so welcoming and fun.  We’ll miss you and hope our paths cross again someday soon.
Jake driving us back to our boat after
a nice sunset cruise with the folks from
Bully's Restaurant.

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