Saturday, May 14, 2011

Makemo... with pictures!

The capain contemplating life (and swells) on our passage
from the Marquesas to Raroia

We made an overnight passage last night to Makemo and had to actually slow down so we could approach the pass in the daylight.  We thought slack tide was at 7:00 but ended up being at 8:00 so we hove to and had breakfast and showers.  Finally through the pass (no big deal) and anchored, we went to shore.  I like this little village.  It's nothing exceptional from a looking standpoint but the people are really friendly and it has a few nice stores.  It also has some restuarants but they seem to only be open at night.  We heard this anchorage was really bad but so far, so good.  It is full of coral heads but we found a sandy spot (thanks to the cat before us leaving) and we don't appear to have gotten wrapped up ( is Friday the 13th).

Of course they don't have the wifi that I've already paid for, so I had to buy a new card in the store.  No worries though...we use it plenty.  So here goes my picture loading marathon.  Enjoy!

Jake got a little seasick on our trip over from the Marquesas and fell
asleep right in the companion way.

Nightly get togethers with Fluer and Yella

The next set of pictures are from the kids on our boat in Raroia...

They LOVE having their picture taken :)

Heading back to the dock in the dinghy...they barely fit!

This is all the kids swimming to the boat the next day, some on
styrofoam rafts.

Next are the pictures from the field day at the school...these are my favorites.

Paroque (sp?) races...pretending to be in a boat.

Jake's first potato sack race...he only fell a few times!

Coconut races...his best race.

Finally, the coconut shoe races...I tried was extremely hard!
Christoph, one of the local boys, paddled his outrigger canoe every evening.  He stopped by one night and let Fleur and Andy try it out...

Not a great was getting dark, but he did a great job.  He said it was "tipsy"

Fluer...she was really good and very fast!

Our pictures from our Mother's Day outing on the east side...

We had to have our picture taken with a coconut tree...

All that was missing were the Coronas.
Finally, what you've all been waiting for...underwater pictures.  So far, no shark pictures.  They're a little skittish and the one "beautiful" dive Andy did, he took his spear gun instead of his camera.  We have high hopes for our next atoll, Tahanea.

Jake and I on our "dive"


kherbert said...

My 4th graders have been following your journey. They love all the photographs. Both of my classes are curious about the bottom picture. Do you know what the species is, or why the "lips" are blue?

They also thought it was cool that your field day and our field day were separated by thousands of miles, but both had potato sack races.

Ms. Herbert's 4th grade Math/Science Classes
Smith Elementary
Richmond/Rosenburg, Texas

The Crew of Savannah said...

Hi Ms. Herbert's 4th grade class! We're so glad you're enjoying our trip! We don't know the exact species but it is a giant clam and we were told that no two are alike, so the pattern you see is unique to each one. We saw others with green, purple and even yellow lips.

Out of curiosity, how did you find out blog?

Thanks again for following us!

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