Thursday, May 26, 2011

5/25/2011 - Still in Tahanea

Well, we're still in Tahanea. We're having a great time and have planned on moving several times but it just doesn't seem to happen. Andy has found a great dive site where he's taken more pictures than he has on our entire trip. I'm bugging him to get some sort of logo so I can get a professional website up and running and we can post them all there. Some of them are really incredible.

I've also gotten to dive and Jake has gotten in a little bottom time as well. He's learning how to clear his ears and Andy took him down to about 10 feet the other day. He's also free diving to about that depth as well... a regular little fish (or a chip off the old block).

We had a bonfire on shore the other night with two other boats here (Merkava and Sudden Stops Necessary). We had a great time. We're all relatively the same age but come from very different backgrounds so there's never a loss for conversation.

Today is a very special day on Savannah. Jake finished his first Hooked on Phonics workbook (Kindergarten). We threw him a little surprise party with balloons, cookies and a small gift. We're all very proud of him. And for those mom's out there who are mad at me right now because you don't believe me... no he doesn't like it, yes he whines every day, and yes, he still stumbles on very simple words. BUT, we're still very proud and throwing him a party is part of my ploy to get him more excited about reading.

We have no idea when we're leaving here...the winds have picked up, making it a little difficult to get to the SE side of the atoll as we planned. But for now, we'll just sit tight and continue to enjoy our beautiful view.

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