Sunday, August 15, 2010

July 30, 2010 - Isla Partida

After a beautiful few days in Animas Slot, we left and headed across the water to Isla Partida.  We pulled in thinking it would be a nice small island and we would have it all to ourselves.  We were pleasantly surprised when we pulled in and saw our friends on Eyoni.  They have a five year old girl named Zeda that Jake met in Santa Rosalia.  Andy and Ethan have gone spear fishing and Zeda and Jake have spent hours playing with stuff animals (they even traded for the night) while Nancy and I were able to chat and get a little girl time in.
Jake and Zada playing with all of the "stuffies"

The winds are still pretty high here which is nice since it keeps the temperature down.  I’m kind of bored today and can’t really find the right thing to satisfy me.  I tried swimming but it was pretty cold and the visibility stinks so you swim around wondering what’s behind you and underneath you (Andy says I’m feeling “sharky”).  I got in the dinghy and went really fast doing donuts in the cove.  That didn’t work but it did raise a few eyebrows.  We’re about to try the beach to see if that works.
I think I really just want to go to the mall.
Pretending to be elephants on the front of the boat.

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Love, Love, Love the blog! Thanks for explaining everyday life. I was wondering about the laundry and trash, etc. Take Care!

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