Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 1, 2010 - Amazing sites

One of the cool things about cruising is all of the amazing things you get to see.  Take this morning for instance.  We left Partida and headed towards Isla Angel de la Guarda.  On our way, we saw two huge pods of dolphins.  I’m talking hundreds.  A few of them came and played on the bow for a few minutes then dove down and joined the rest of the pod going wherever they were going.  Not ten minutes later, we saw a bunch of seals just swimming along, poking their heads up every now and then to see what we were doing. 

As if that weren’t enough, as we were turning the corner for the anchorage, we saw a HUGE whale and her calf.  Jake and I were on the bow and I saw a puff of water fly up in the air.  I hollered back to Andy “Whale!!!   I think!  Maybe?”
Then I turned around and there it was, big as a Mac truck with a second fin sticking up beside her, presumably her calf.  We’re not quite sure what kind of whale it was but it was grey with a dorsal fin and it was huge.
Right before we settled in to watch a movie Andy called me outside.  He had a flashlight looking into the water and there were thousands of little red worms swarming around.  Then occasionally, among the phosphorescence, you could see a humbolt squid swiftly swimming by.
Today, Andy swam with a turtle and I interrupted about 20 stingrays and 10 torpedo rays taking a nap.
It’s like we’re caught in a national geographic episode.  So cool.

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Nicole said...

That little hiney is so cute!! Can't wait to see you guys.

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