Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On the hard! Not.

I was expecting to post cool pictures of the boat being hauled out today, but instead I'm posting a picture of our engine after it spewed oil everywhere.

Andy took the boat over to the boat yard this morning at Shelter Island.  He pulled in around noon and we had two surprises.  First, there was a racing boat on the only lift that can fit our boat, and that boat is too long/deep to put on a stand to free the lift for us.  After talking with the guy it turns out that this boat was towed in for emergency repairs and with any luck at all, we'll have ours pulled out tonight or first thing tomorrow.  They promise us we'll be out by Thursday as originally planned.

Secondly, and most important...right before Andy pulled into the yard, the oil pressure on the starboard engine went to zero.  After he docked, we opened up the engine compartment and there was oil everywhere and the dipstick was hanging out.  He did a little troubleshooting and decided to put more oil in and clean it up a bit to see what happened.  No more oil spewed out but after reading the various manuals and doing research on the internet, we're thinking (i.e Andy is thinking) we may have a problem that unfortunately I can't find a way to describe without insinuating many other things (ring job, blow by, engines loose, etc.)  So, tomorrow we're having a diesel mechanic look at it to get a second opinion.  Andy's handy, but he weary of the potential of such a big job. So stand by for more updates.  Hopefully tomorrow will come with much better news.  We're praying this doesn't turn into our first dip into savings and push back our departure date.


Anonymous said...

Hey we read you blog...OMG Scott says he can help if you need him!!!!
email plankline @yahoo.com
phone 253-230-8581 or 253-230-8582
Teri and Scott and Bosun!!!!

The Crew of Savannah said...

Thanks! I think we figured it out today and it's not as bad as it looked. But we'll be a few more days on the hard due to the unexpected racing boat in the lift, among other things. Debating if we're coming back to the dock before we leave on Sunday. depends on when they get this thing back in the water. If not, we'll drive back to give our keys and say bye :)

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