Friday, April 23, 2010

Not gone yet

So that was all just to see if you guys were reading this or not... we're not gone yet.  We thought leaving in the middle of a storm with a leak in the hull, a watermaker spitting parts and an incomplete paint job might not be a good idea.

But now the storm is over, the leak is fixed, the watermaker is producing tasty fresh water and the boat is almost back in the water again (ETA is tomorrow morning).  Saturday is the new departure day.  We're going to skip Ensenada and head straight to Isla Guadalupe.  Our boat is already checked into Mexico and we got our Visas in Tijuana last week, so we really don't need to stop into Ensenada anyway.

Our car is taken care of, spare parts have been purchased, Costco trip completed.  The only thing left to do is fuel up (gas, propane, and diesel), return keys to the marina and final grocery run (veggies and cold stuff).

I had an emotional moment today as I made my last run to Target.  It's right up there with missing your best friends.  Said our final goodbyes (again).

I cannot believe we're finally leaving (fingers crossed)!


boatbaby said...

Whoo-hoo! Can't wait for the next update from Mexico!

The Crew of Savannah said...

Thank you!

Nicole said...

Well... We didn't find you at the house when we got home last night, so we're assuming you are safely tucked away in Mexico. When you have a chance, let us know! We miss you already. The house is too quiet with no nightly smackdown... xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys -

Best of luck on the adventure. I have saved you to my favoirtes so I can follow the blog. You are finally on your way!!!! Looking forward to your next post.

Sherri in VB

Shurtz Girl said...

Wish you all the best guys! Love reading this..its amazing to see your plan come together after hearing about it for as long as I've known you guys. It is so inspiring!!! Cant wait to read the next post!

Cary Mullikin said...

Big Bro here... I'm locked in on your blog. Looking forward to vacationing vicariously through the McKaskles. Destin is nice but Fiji stomps its ASS! Jake won't read this will he, sorry. We are excited, a liitle nervous and very jealous. We love you and miss you so please post often!

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