Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Remodeling - Part 2

Despite a rainy weekend and a cast on his foot, The Chief managed to finish Jake's room.  "We" still have to put down wood floors and build him another bookshelf, but I think it's safe to share the before and afters with everyone.  I've gotten a lot of questions about Jake and his "stuff" so I've elaborated a little on the details.



For everyone who was worried about Jake giving away his toys, or not having enough room, or books, or clothes, or whatever you were worried about, rest assured, he has plenty room/clothes/toys/to do...sometimes I actually lose him in there (no, not on purpose)! Here are some pictures of the details...

Close up of his bed.  It's not really as big as the picture up top makes it out to be.  The Chief's camera has a funky lens on it that helps you see the whole thing.  For those that know us and have seen Jake's room in the past, you can see that we didn't make much of a dent in the yard sale on the stuffed animals.  The big ones found a nice new home, but the rest just had to share in our experiences.

Book shelf with a special bungee to keep everything from falling off when we sail.  LOTS of books!

Toys...Toys...and more Toys...  The white tubs and garbage truck are actually stored in those doors under his bed.  There's a ton of storage under there.  Behind that is a HUGE spinnaker sail.  If we moved that, we could fit Toys R Us under there.
Where you see the two blue baskets, we're going to put more book shelves to house all of his school stuff and the overflow of books we already have, which will eliminate one of the blue baskets.  The other one is for dirty clothes.

Last but not least is the closet.  I've been asked lots of questions about where we put our clothes.  Of course Jake's clothes are a third the size of ours, but you can see he has plenty of space.  We put baskets on each of the shelves with pictures of the clothes on the front so he knows what's in each basket and can find his clothes himself (as well as help with putting up the laundry).

And if you missed it, the theme of his room is...Boy. He couldn't decide between space, ocean, zoo, or monster truck.  So we did it all.  The fabric on the ceiling has spaceships and rockets.  The poster on the wall is full of sharks, and the hammock is full of animals in the ocean as well as any animal you could possibly find in the zoo (or Africa/Asia).

He's very pleased with his room, as am I.  Next stop....the Galley!


Mom4Two said...

That is too cool, Monica! What an awesome experience for that little boy!

boatbaby said...

Looks fabulous!

deamac said...

Looks good, alot of work, It's sure paying off..

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