Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bidding Friends Farewell

Today we said see ya later to some new friends.  I say 'see ya' because we fully intend on catching up to them in Mexico.  They're the first people we personally know who have cast the dock lines and began their adventure on their sailboat Endurance.  I am both jealous of them and extremely happy for them.

Being part of the military, we have said good bye to more friends than we can count so you would think I would be used to this.  I've only known these people for a month!  But it never gets easier watching people leave (I've always told Andy that it's easier to leave than to be left).  But it's so cool to finally talk to people that don't think your nuts or irresponsible or just plain weird.  They want to talk about galley storage (or any kind of storage), first aid kits, and homeschooling on a boat.  AND....get this, they have kids.  Two of them!  Most people we talk to think we're crazy for taking one, let alone two.  Jake was fortunate enough to get to play with Samantha and Trinidad while they were here.  He said a little prayer for them last night for them to have fun and be safe while they're sailing  (I said a little prayer for their mommy...whew).

Anyway, we wish them the best of luck and can't wait to join them next year!

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