Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Boys, boys, boys

The last few weeks have had their ups and downs on Savannah, but today I’m going to focus on the ups…  I cannot explain how happy it makes me to see Jake playing with these two wonderful kids on Love Song.   Despite it being a threesome, something that rarely worked in my circle of friends growing up, they get along great and never tire of each other.  It’s also fun to hear Jake talk to Morgan about dinosaurs.  Jake thought he was the authority on all things prehistoric and well…now he’s learning a few things. 

Andy and I took them to the War Museum in Penang and stopped by a “Snake Temple” on our way back to the marina.  Both were fun, but strange in their own way.  First, the museum was also dubbed a paintball park.  And it had a ton of what we thought were leftover decorations from Halloween….still not sure if some of them are decorations or part of the recreated scenes.  The area was a fort built by the English way back when (don’t you love my historic details?) and long ago deserted.  It sat for 60 years being looted and growing over.  A private party bought the land and decided to restore the old bunkers, walls and tunnels as much as possible.  They did a pretty good job with that, but it’s a little weird walking around old tunnels and fort walls and then seeing a miniature model of a tank.  The boys enjoyed running around shooting each other and climbing out escape hatches….something that would NEVER be allowed at home for fear of a law suit (crawl through a dark tunnel, then climb straight up an old metal rung 9 meter ladder to the outside).  From a museum perspective, it was just ok, but it was perfect for a few boys to let off some energy.

This was the exit for the escape hatch.

There is a danger sign here that says don't enter, but it didn't say anything
about exiting.  The lady at the front desk was the one to tell us to do it.

As for the “Snake Temple.”  The deceiving thing here was the word temple.  It’s a temple all right, but it’s way more touristy than religious.  We lectured the boys about showing respect and keeping their voices down, etc. and then we walked in to find about 20 people snapping photos and waiting in line to pay their RM30 (about $10 USD) to hold a python.  There were snakes all over the place, but some of them were so lethargic (full?) that the boys weren’t really convinced they were real.

Note the snakes on the branches where the kids are looking.

Not sure exactly what this face is supposed to be.

Now we’re here in Langkawi, on the hook in Telaga Harbor.  This is a huge cruiser hangout simply because of the duty free status and the proximity to Thailand.  Andy and I aren’t quite sure what the draw is yet, but it’s growing on us.  The highlight is still watching the boys play all day, only now they have a whole beach to run around on.  It looks like it will be Jake’s first Christmas in years with more than just mom and dad and some other old people.  We’re all excited.

I managed to get my paddle board out again and even found
someone to paddle me around!

Sunset in Kuah, Langkawi

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