Sunday, November 9, 2014

Stop the Shark Finning!

Jake's latest writing assignment was to write a persuasive paper.  He chose a topic he's very passionate about, shark finning.  We saw a good bit of it in Mexico (including the sharks washing up on the beach) and some here in SE Asia as well (more the selling of the soup than actually seeing the finning occur).  He said he had to get the word out and asked me to publish this for him.  Feel free to share...

Shark Finning
By:  Jake (9 years old)

I hate shark finning. An estimated 70 million sharks are killed each year and over a third are killed just for their fins.  People use their fins for soup.
First, if we keep killing the sharks they will all be gone. Killing the sharks stops the immune system of the ocean. Sick fish will not be eaten and they will pollute the ocean.
Second, it is cruel to the sharks.  Fishermen just cut off their fins and throw them back in the water and leave them to drown.  Stop killing the sharks!


Kris Boneman said...

Thank you for sharing this cause. I live in California and had never heard of this tragic practice. Keep using your voice through your writing, it will make powerful changes.

Naomi said...

Great paper Jake - I was really sad to see fishermen with strings full of shark fins. I'm so glad you're letting people know how terrible this is!

cstakey said...

Jake, thanks for bringing this issue to our attention! Being from Iowa in the United States, we don't have the opportunity to hear much about shark issues. I am excited to read more of your blog entries throughout your experence. Please keep writing! If you have a chance, we would love to have you visit our blogs at and leave a comment or two. I teach 5th grade in Iowa.

Mac Mckaskle said...

good job Jake, stay on course. Papa

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