Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Passing the time in Palau

He looks really happy doesn't he?
It has been brought to my attention that I haven’t updated the blog in a timely manner (Thanks, Bob), so please accept my sincere apologies.  We’ve just been having so much fun…

We haven't been too busy but our attitudes have been pretty good...the result, lots of play.  After ordering our autopilot parts, we took a week and hung out in the Rock Islands.  We had barbeques with the locals, Jake worked on eradicating the rats (cheered on by the locals), and Andy and I worked on our tans.  The highlight (or low point, depending on which Savannah crew member you ask) was camping on the beach at our favorite anchorage.  It started out all nicey-nice (big camp fire, good snacks and drinks, no rats), but ended in a torrential downpour, lots of leaks and a few too many bug bites.  Long story short...not the greatest idea ever presented.  Andy still wonders why anyone who lives on a boat would think camping would be a good idea.  Jake documents it as the "worst night EVER."  I think they just didn't think through their sleeping spot very well.

He was target practicing with some cans before moving on to the real thing. Like the camo?

Anyway, we're still waiting on parts but enjoying the nice weather.  We have a breeze, the constant rain has stopped and we have some really good friends to hang out with...always important.

A few pictures documenting our last few weeks....

Getting ready for the natives :)

Jake is now making his own breakfast (I know, it's just frozen
waffles...but I see the day when he makes ME breakfast!)

Sharing the grill...wish those fish were ours!

Jake helping the locals separate their sardines.

They gave him a few so he decided to disect them and see
what he could find.

My handsome husband.

Making fire, ug man.

At our mooring at Sam's...Jake holding my hair down in the high winds.

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Ivelene said...

Love it! Glad to hear you are having fun! That makes me happy :-) The little nake nake is growing tall, not filling out, just growing tall...are you sure he is not related to the great grandpa

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