Monday, October 28, 2013

Honesty is the best policy...most of the time.

I was looking back on some old posts (I’m all by myself for the last 4 months) and getting nostalgic and noticed that I used to be funny.  I was candid.  I was funny.  I didn’t care what people thought.  So I asked myself, “what’s different?”.  I’m still the same me.  As a matter of fact, my filter has fallen off a few times here in the US and almost gotten me kicked out of my home!   So, what happened?

Other cruisers started reading my blog.  My best stories are either about other crusiers (I mean THE BEST) or they’re about my opinion on cruising.  When you leave the dock, you think you are the most unique people out there.  You sold your sh**, you got on that boat and you left, damn’t!  You’re family thinks your crazy, your friends are envious (they still have jobs), and your grandmother is praying for you non stop.  You pull into that first anchorage thinking you are the bomb!  The only problem?  There are 27 other boats ahead of you (and they all have blogs.!)  I know.  I’ve been there.  We pulled into the Marquesas after 21 ½ days at sea and not only did I notice how many boats where there, I also noticed how it looked exactly like Mexico (another post entirely)!  We were so not unique.

My point is, once you start traveling around the world, , you meet people.  Those people have feelings.  Those people are extremely funny.  They would make for very good stories.  Did I mention those people are your friends?

So here I sit in Norfolk, VA looking for something to write about.  I have a few really funny stories about my land lover friends here…. (thank goodness I’m happily married and don’t have to date with new gray hair I have discovered)….but they would appreciate them about as much as a fart in church (well, worse than that, but my filter is on so that’s about as graphic as I can get).  I have a few stories of fellow cruisers (even way over here in Norfolk), but like I said they read the blog.

So where is that line?  I was talking with a friend of mine lately that writes for a living.  I was talking about magazine articles.  She said I needed to find my “voice.”  My “voice” is sarcastic and crude.  The minute I start to write like I think a magazine would like, I fall asleep at my own computer. 

I’m all over the place…where did I start this blog?  Oh yea…don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.  And I don’t.  So, bear with me.  The best comments I’ve ever gotten on this blog were about my honesty.  So I’m going to work really hard to find a line not too big and not too fine that I can walk without getting knocked off.    Feedback is always appreciated.

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Red Charlotte said...

I agree, it is tough. Maybe instead of finding your 'voice,' try to determine why or who you are writing for. While I enjoy that people read my blog, I'm ultimately recording our adventure for me, Eric, and the girls to look back on. So I tend to write to "us."

Also, maybe you can get permission to tell those people's stories? I shy away from writing anything mean, or that could be perceived as mean since I've been too much on the receiving end of internet judgements.

Looking forward to seeing how you go forward!

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