Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chillin' out in Palau

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and you would think I had a good excuse, but I don’t.  We’ve been staying busy with T-Ball, Judo, and exploring Nikko Bay.  We participated in a Cinco de Mayo cook off (and won third place!) and we met some new friends who are vacationing here and have been spending a fair amount of time with them.  We've found our own little "jellyfish lake" and even had more fun play dates with Charlie and Carla.  Sadly, no pictures of any of it (it might have something to do with my new haircut).

But the big thing we’ve been doing is preparing for our first ever non-family visitors (and our first visitors at all since Mexico)!  My friend Jennie and her son Jett are making the long, boring, and expensive flight from the US to Palau…just to play with us!  We are so excited and not sure we can actually wait the 6 more days until they get here.  Jake has all kinds of activities planned for Jett and I have a zillion different ways to show Jennie how to relax and break free from her hectic world (at least for a week).  Andy is all ready to play with the kids and cater to us women.  Next week promises to bring lots of pictures and stories, so bear with me…

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Chuck Heberle said...

Don't forget to grab the Paddleboard anytime. Looking like a Kayangel (or Ngemelis if SW winds) Jun 22-29 if you guys are still here. Chuck

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